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Effective Natural Resource Management in Chania Watershed of Aberdare Ecosystem

October 24, 2014 - 12:15PM
Published by Communications

The Green Belt Movement (GBM) in partnership with Auerbach Family Foundation is implementing a project within chania watershed aimed at enhancing effective Natural Resource Management in the watershed. To ensure project ownership and strengthen networking with key players, GBM convened a stakeholders meeting with participants drawn from various institutions operating within the watershed. This was to create a forum for information sharing and formulate appropriate way forward for implementation of the project. The participants were drawn from Kenya forest service, Ministry of Agriculture, Sasumua Dam, Water resource users Associations, Community Forest Associations, water service providers and Community organizations and tree nursery groups.

The stakeholders Workshop took place to ensure project buy in and get support even as we roll out the proposed project activities. This body will be addressing key challenges facing the project and coming up collectively with corrective measures in consultation with GBM project team. This committee will ensure tree survival; resolving issues around grazing and frost since they are biggest challenges that affect survival of planted trees.

The Green Belt Movement Project team will empower tree nursery groups to be able to source seeds, monitor tree seeding patterns, management of collected seeds and to make sound judgment on seeds viability. GBM will work in consultation with farmers to protect riparian land along private farms and wetlands in both Nyandarua and Kiambu counties.

The workshop provided an opportunity to promote discussion about the project, looking for areas of potential synergy that could enhance the overall scientific and development impact of the project

In this forum GBM watershed based approach was shared and it was clear to all even as we laid infrastructure to roll out this new project. In fact the critical role played by this watershed and the unsustainable agricultural practices were the key issues considered. The ultimate goal is to ensure food security, environmental conservation, and water harvesting and soil and water conservation on farm.