National Tree Planting Initiative

The Campaign Rationale

This is a flagship national corporate tree planting campaign by NIC Bank, the Safaricom M-pesa Foundation, Radio Africa, the Royal media Services in partnership Green Belt Movement with the objective of raising the importance of the ecological values of indigenous forests, riparian areas and water towers in sustaining the human systems and economic development. These are life lines for the Kenyan Nation. The need to restore the degraded areas of these water catchments is critical to millions of people who depend on the water resources.

This initiative is founded upon different partner’s comparative strengths and unique niches in creating a national tree planting campaign and movement that aims to plant 30 million trees for an increased national tree cover. The campaign further aims to rekindle people’s love for watersheds and trees particularly and demonstrate the co-benefits trees can bring to our lives and communities through this initiative.

We also endeavor to amplify the clarion call and commitments towards the constitutional threshold of 10% tree cover for all the available public and private spaces. The focus is on behavioral, attitude change, inculcating ecological values that make tree planting a habit ensuring a sustained adoption of a tree growing culture amongst the citizenry.

Through this initiative, the corporate world as major beneficiaries from the environmental capital and other endowments’ will be mobilized to reduce ecological footprints, pay back for goods and services from the environment and embrace sustainable green production techniques. 

As a nation, It’s time to #ChangeTheStory