National Tree Planting Initiative National Tree Planting Initiative

Throughout the years, over and over again, our news headlines have been running the same story about natural disasters like floods, droughts and climate change. As a nation, It’s time to #ChangeTheStory 

The Green Belt Movement works with rural communities to help them address their needs for essential basic services such as water, fertile soil, and a healthy ecosystem through planting trees on critical watersheds.
The Green Belt Movement began with the premise that degraded environment and poverty create a downward spiral for rural subsistence farmers, and in particular rural women. Climate change increases the downward spiral for rural communities.
Community Empowerment and Education (CEE) is the community engagement platform upon which all other GBM activities are built. CEE is a 3-4 day seminar over a range of subjects: from examining the community’s needs, rights and responsibilities, the links between the environment and poverty, and the management of resources that they need.
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