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On your marks, get set....GO GLOBAL

April 1, 2010 - 10:10AM
Published by Hannah Smith

Now that those long dark winter nights are behind us and you’re toes are inching towards your summer sandals, why not think about flexing those thrifty fingers for a great cause?

As part of Global Giving’s April 2010 Project Challenge III we will be working our socks off at GBM to raise at least £1000 from at least 50 unique donors over the next month for a really inspiring project, and we’d love you all to get involved

With the money that we raise will go to a community-based tree planting project in Mount Kenya to create sustainable livelihoods that support environmental and forests rehabilitation. The project will work 180 Green Belt Movement community groups to plant over 125,000 trees. With our Global Giving campaign we are hoping to pull together over £7500. So a lot of trees, a lot of people, and a lot of pennies

We will have until Friday 30th April to show them just how much our supporters care, which should be doable with your help…! And …the project that raises the most funds will be awarded an extra £1000 towards their total, which is very exciting!

You can find out how we are doing by visiting our project page or compare GBM to the competition on the project challenge leaderboard

As Easter approaches please consider donating to GBM to plant a tree to celebrate spring and this time of renewal:

PS we can only collect Giftaid if you are in the UK but you can still donate from anywhere in the world.

Community tree planting project in Mount Kenya: give now. Powered by Global Giving.