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"A forest is a group of trees. Yours, mine and ours."

February 25, 2011 - 03:35AM
Published by Kathryn Gelder

On this beautiful Friday afternoon, enjoy this story from one of our GBM Kenya staff members about him and his wife’s love for each other and for the environment!

When GBM extension officer Edwin Ngunjiri got married, he and his beautiful wife Rose celebrated their love for each other by planting a tree together. Inspired by a shared love of nature and protection of the environment, the tree planting symbolized a greener future for their community and for the planet.

As Edwin says, “Trees are beautiful to watch and above all they are the only solution to many environmental problems that are of concern to us. Take some interest in the tree and you will not believe its value to man.”

Their romantic history started off just as green. Edwin tells the story that when he was in the process of asking Rose to marry him, she gave him seeds to go and plant at their home. Now they are able to watch them together as they grow into big trees, in hopes that they will contribute to the preservation of the environment and be a home to animals like birds. It is their hope to be able to plant a tree in honor of each wedding that they attend in the future.

Congratulations to Edwin and Rose from all of us at GBM!