Wangari Maathai tree cut down in Nairobi

February 28, 2019

Quick facts about the 'Wangari Maathai tree' that was cut down and trending on social media:

1. The tree wasn't planted in 2011, it is older than that. When Prof. Maathai passed away in September 2011, Premier Academy Nairobi where the tree was, decided to dedicate it - the most magnificent tree at their institution - in her memory.
2. The tree grew huge and due to the weight of its branches, it split and a section of it fell off. This posed a danger to students and staff at the institution who regularly use the footpath where it stood. The only alternative was to cut it down.
3. The school has taken up an initiative of planting 15 trees as a replacement. Eight have so far been planted and the rest will be in the coming days.

We would like to thank the management and community of Premier Academy Nairobi for the honor bestowed to Prof. Maathai through this simple yet noble act. In her words, it's the little things that make a difference.