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World Environment Day 2018: ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’

June 5, 2018 - 04:05PM
Published by Communications

Marking this year’s World Environment Day (WED) in partnership with Ecobank Kenya and the UN Environment, we kicked off a tree planting exercise that saw over 3,000 indigenous trees planted as part of our commitment to the 2018 WED initiatives.

Speaking at the event at Lavington Secondary School, the Green Belt Movement Chair Marion Kamau stated that “the Green Belt Movement and Ecobank have partnered to amplify the WED theme by focusing on integrated tree planting initiatives in schools both as an approach and means of inculcating sustainable waste management in learning institutions.”

GBM Chair Marion KamauMs. Kamau said the Green Schools Initiative integrates efforts to reduce schools' ecological footprints, make school environments healthier, and get the whole community thinking about solutions to the environmental problems we face.

In his keynote address, Ecobank Kenya Managing Director / Regional Executive CESA Samuel Adjei said the tree planting initiative under the banner of “PlantingEcobank Kenya Managing Director / Regional Executive CESA Samuel Adjei today. Protecting tomorrow” will offer Ecobank an opportunity to demonstrate its corporate obligation to combating climate change and protecting natural resources in Kenya and across its footprint of 33 African countries.

Use of plastics remains prevalent not only in our schools but also households and places of work. Teachers, students and school administrators can use creativity when developing reduction projects. While recycling bins offer a common approach to plastic recycling, the student body and staff can expand the reduction practice by reusing and reducing the amount of plastics in the school system.

In the long term, the green belts established through this initiative will provide a cool and serene environment, act as natural filters and contribute to the general well-being of society besides improving the microclimate of schools.

Nakuru Governor H.E Lee Kinyanjui at the GBM stand where he learnt about the products made from recycled plastic wasteA team from the Green Belt Movement also joined the Nakuru County Government in marking this auspicious day by leading a clean up exercise at Kamere Beach in Naivasha. The team also had an opportunity to showcase some of the products that GBM community groups in that region are making out of recycled plastic bags.