Corporate Giving


Hafslund has produced hydro power for over 100 years, and is now engaged in district heating and bio energy. Hafslund is Norway’s largest grid owner, power sales provider and a considerable telecom provider. As well as being having a large share of the solar energy company REC.

Hafslund also aims to be the leading environmental power sales provider. They assist customers in reducing their energy usage, and support the best initiatives to reduce global warming. They value the forest and support both protection of the rainforest, as well as planting of trees.

“We considered several different organizations to partner with. For planting of trees we chose to cooperate with the Green Belt Movement. Wangari Maathai’s dedication to the cause is well known in Norway, and the results of the organization speak for themselves. We also appreciate their approach to tree-planting and cooperation with the local communities.”

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