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2010: The Official Year of Biodiversity

April 7, 2010 - 08:00AM
Published by Hannah Smith

The Karura Forest: Forests are an example of biodiversity on the planet, and typically possess a great deal of species diversity.Today's blog comes to you from our guest blogger Teresa Cafaro who is interning at the GBM Europe office for three months.

2010 was declared by the United Nations the "International Year of Biodiversity". The aim is to draw attention to the alarming rate at which an increasing amount of species on our planet are on the verge of extinction. The result of this process is not just a loss in the variety of species but it can also have important consequences for the future of human beings. In fact, human life is directly connected with the biological diversity presented on Earth.

The Green Belt Movement is actively committed to protecting the environment and biodiversity in particular. In a speech in 2005 in Paris, Wangari Maathai stated that: "The Green Belt Movement understands the need to protect and conserve biodiversity. That is why it encourages its members to concentrate on rehabilitating degraded forests and open lands with local indigenous trees and vegetation […]".

But what can every one of us do to avoid the loss of biodiversity? The answer is simple. Think green when you eat, when you buy or when you travel: Where did this come from? What impact might my actions have on biodiversity?

And, most important of all, be informed… And, always, plant a tree!

Visit the official web site of the Year of Biodiversity of the United Nations

And have a look at this inspiring and involving video provided by UNEP

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