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Undies for Earth Day

April 20, 2010 - 02:15PM
Published by Kathryn Gelder

This Earth Week, PACT is partnering with The Green Belt Movement to plant a forest. During this week, each pair of underwear will help to plant 20 trees. The goal is to plant 100,000 trees!

From April 16th until April 25th, PACT is showing its support of GBM’s mission by giving 100% of the sales proceeds from each “Green Belt” print garment purchased. This line was designed specifically for Green Belt by renowned African architect David Adjaye. The print, set against a jewel-toned green background, evokes the spirit of renewal and hope with yellow-stemmed fig leaves that echo the shape of Africa.

Visit the PACT website to learn more about this exciting partnership and to purchase your own GBM undergarments!