Rural Kenyan homestay - a Green Belt Movement experience

April 5, 2018

Kenyan cities, beaches and wilderness have for a long time been treasured as the ultimate experience for visitors touring the country. There is an alternative! Rural Kenya is the perfect place to get an introduction to local culture and lifestyle. The village experience is a reflection of the purest form of traditional culture of the ethnic communities of Kenya.

Green Belt Safaris (GBS) offers visitors an opportunity to experience a cultural and conservation journey to meet the Green Belt Movement (GBM) communities and learn about their lives and wealth of experience in rural Kenya.

By meeting and living with these communities, guests are acquainted with the day to day roles and responsibilities that the communities bear as they continuously better their livelihoods. This week, GBS hosted Carol and Susan from the USA working for the Armenia Tree Project. Kahuho village in Nakuru County was the location for this homestay. On the foothills of Dundori Forest, this village was the perfect setting for our visitors whose work involves empowering communities in Armenia through different projects including tree planting.

The guests were ushered into the home of one of the community group members with song and dance and later treated to a scrumptious buffet of traditional African meals prepared by the group members.

The hallmark of this visit was a walk through the different projects and income generating activates undertaken by the community group with facilitation from GBM. They explored the fields where they learnt about various food security and climate change adaptation initiatives including simple water harvesting and storage techniques.

Awed by the local knowledge from these communities, our guests couldn’t help but try and capture every bit of detail as they learnt about the many activities undertaken by the group.

Why not try our unspoiled Kenyan villages, spend time in the homes learning and getting involved in their daily lives.