Our initial fact finding tour of the Ngong Forest

September 20, 2016

Alleged deforestation of Ngong Forest with photos and articles have been circulating online and in local dailies showing tracts of cleared forest land.

Initial report from the Green Belt Movement team who were on the ground indicates the following:

Photo 1Kibiko Block compartment 1A that is alleged to have been hived off the forest and fenced is communal land belonging to the Maasai community. The community land is separated from the forest by a road that passes between the two (photo 1)

Photo 2The site adjacent Kibiko, is Block 10B which lies in Thogoto Forest. Here, the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) is undertaking ‘forest for energy’ which entails mass harvesting of previously planted eucalyptus trees as an income-generating activity for the Kenya Forest Service (photo 2 taken by our team, shows eucalyptus trees felled)

Photo 3Our observation and information from the KFS officer on the ground indicates that indigenous trees are not affected (photo 3)

Thank you Kenyans for being vigilant. We must protect our Forests and natural resources #protectngongforest