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Courtesy visit by a group of journalist from China

July 3, 2014

Courtesy visit by a group of journalist from China led by Min Shen, Deputy Secretary General at the International Center for Youth Development School of International Studies Peking University and Bo Ren, General News Desk Chief, Caixin media.

Tree Planting Event- Upper Hill High

July 2, 2014

The Green Belt Movement will be undertaking tree planting activity in Upper Hill High School, Nairobi County.

2nd Wangari Maathai Scholarship Fund Award

July 1, 2014

The Rockefeller Foundation, the Green Belt Movement and Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) will be presenting the 2nd Wangari Maathai Scholarship Fund Award. The event will be held on 2nd July 2014, at the Green Belt Movement Offices from 8.30 – 9.30am.


Public Notice from The National Land Commission

June 26, 2014

The Green Belt Movement (GBM) has noted with great concern the continued construction on a wetland Plot No. 209/12174. The National Land Commission has issued the notice below.

First ever United Nations Environment Assembly

June 19, 2014

The Green Belt Movement will be exhibiting our work during the UNEA event. The UNEA theme is: the sustainable development goals including sustainable consumption and production. GBM will demonstrate Prof. Wangari Maathai’s Three Legged Stool Principle on sustainable development i.e. good governance, equitable distribution of resources, environmental management, and for cultivating a culture of peace in order to realize sustainable development. 

The exhibition will take place from the 23rd-27th June 2014 at the UN Compound- Gigiri, Nairobi.

World Day to Combat Desertification

June 17, 2014

Kehkashan Basu, the founder of a youth organization, GREEN HOPE UAE visited the GBM office and planted a tree to mark World Day to Combat Desertification. She has recently been elected as a Global Coordinator for Children & she is also  the Youth Ambassador  for World Future Council where Wanjira Maathai is a member.

Lucinda Crabtree the President and Founder of Crabtree + Company, Courtesy Call

June 16, 2014

Green Belt Movement’s Executive Director, Ms. Aisha Karanja with Lucinda Crabtree the President and Founder of Crabtree + Company, during a courtesy call.  We at Green Belt Movement is grateful for Lucinda Crabtree supports towards the production of the 2011 Annual Report.

Day of the African Child (DAC)

June 16, 2014

The theme for the 2014 is “Child friendly, quality, free & compulsory Education for all children in Africa.” 

As we commemorate the day of the African Child, let us remember that all learners have strengths and challenges. Prof. Wangari Maathai remembered the clear stream that she and her mother used to fetch water from as a child and the vibrant trees and wildlife that surrounded her home. "Today, the stream has dried up, women walk long distances for water, which is not always clean, and children will never know what they have lost,” she said. “The challenge is to restore the home of the tadpoles and give back to our children a world of beauty and wonder."

Site visit in Kabaru and Hombe Forest

June 11, 2014

Over 2300 seedlings were planted during the month of April and May with the most common species being Croton megalocarpus, Juniperus procera (cedar) and Olea Africana.

Monitoring Conference and GPS Data Collection

June 9, 2014

Monitoring Conference and GPS data collection for Upper Tana- Nairobi water fund.